About Us

Naya Face is a unique South Asian community portal combining e-commerce, events, videos, photos and articles. Naya Face is also the 1st community portal connecting all South Asians in North America (US, Canada and the Caribbean islands) and worldwide.

The portal affords South Asians across the globe to connect and share news, upcoming events, favorite photos and all things relevant with other members of the Diaspora community globally. NayaFace helps you stay connected to everything your local community has to offer in one place!

Visit Naya Face for daily coverage of community events across major global cities, including visits of dignitaries, religious leaders, politicians and Bollywood personalities; local cultural events & shows, fundraisers and annual galas of non-profit associations. The portal is updated daily with relevant articles, photos, videos and listing of services and e-commerce items.

Other than NayaFace bureaus covering events across the globe, event organizers will have the opportunity to directly upload articles, photos and videos of their event to Naya Face portal. This is a seamless process, providing any event organizer a powerful online platform to immediately share the happenings with a global Diaspora audience.

Stay tuned for many exciting features on Naya Face!

We are always evolving and listening. Drop us a line at info@nayaface.com

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