New York Fashion Week 2018

The fashion week was all about celebrating the fashion scene globally. Indian American Fashion designer presented their extraordinary work during the event and contributed immensely to America’s Fashion scene.

Bibhu Mohapatra’s collection was also the highlight of the evening. Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” has inspired countless designers in the past but Bibhu Mohapatra stuck on one of the novels “Less Explored Relationships” this season. Characters Miss Havisham and her adopted daughter Estella influenced his creations, which is all about Estella finding her individuality. The designer expressed his delight to be at the event and hopes to inspire people out there to be strong and believe in themselves through his creations. There were a lot of lavish jewel tone fur coats, few with painted all sling effect and other period details like silver thread worked into
lace. Mohapatra pointed to a print of two orchids and explained that even near death an orchid has beauty.

Source: TV Asia Bureau