Beyond Bollywood Red Carpet Gala

An exclusive Red Carpet Gala celebrated the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit’s visit to Austin bringing together a unique panel of celebrities and accomplished Indian American.

City of Austin, Asian America Resource Centre and the Non-Profit South Asian Austin Moms have worked hard and long to bring the wonderful collection of history and heritage to Austin that illustrates the role Indian Americans have played in shaping America. Esteemed guests and attendees graced the Red Carpet Gala.

 Ravi Bhalla, Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey appreciated the progress of the community during his address. He said it’s a vibrant community working for the betterment of not only the current but future generation also.

Asha Puthil, Singer and Song Writer also appreciated the community and shared her pride on their achievements in every field in America. The event also showcased performances by acclaimed singers Olivar Rajamani, Stand-up comic Hari Kondabolu and by Navras Academy of Dance lead by Parul Mehta. Mehta appreciated the performers who are moms and professionals at the same time and thanked their families for all their support.

Beyond Bollywood Red Carpet Gala was a star-studded night full of laughter and inspiration. Guests heard from speakers from a range of background. The event brought together Indian Americans from Texas and all around the nation.

Source: TV Asia Bureau