Transforming India

Indian Conference is one of the largest student-run conference focusing on India in the USA. It is organized by a graduate student of Harvard University. The conference was organized on an important subject “Invest in India”. The keynote speaker of the conference was MD and CEO of Invest India, Deepak Bagla.

The conference depicted India’s current situation to Indian students in the US. Bagla shared that India is one of the best countries from the point of view of investment. He shared that Indian has got FDI of 194 Billion in the past 36 months. It’s an unprecedented high as far as India is concerned. He also shared that the current government has promoted “Ease of Doing Business” in India. The state and central government have brought in 15,000 policies intervention to ease doing Business in India. He emphasized that countries are not made by policies, they are made by passion and the current generation has that passion and they will make India.

Source: TV Asia Bureau