Thanksgiving Week by Sadhu Vaswani Center, Atlanta


A spiritual event was organized by the Sadhu Vaswani Center and the community expressed their feelings of gratitude.

Geeta Mehrotra, Coordinator, Sadhu Vaswani Center shared that it will be celebrated from February 18th - February 24th. It is a very important week for Sadhu Vaswani mission in Pune and for worldwide centers. This week is very special because during this week Dada ji went through quadruple bypass surgery in 1998 and the whole week
when he was in the hospital he only had one word on his lips “shukr” which means thankfulness. Since then, the week is celebrated as the Thanksgiving week. On this day mission provides a lot of free services for heart surgeries, bypass and pacemakers etc. During the event, a special presentation was also screened for the audience, wherein Dada Ji played rapid fire with the famous Bollywood director Karan Johar.

The community was mesmerized by the divine aura of peace and harmony during the event which they believe is a great way of expressing gratitude for anything and everything they feel.

Source: TV Asia Bureau