Falu’s Bazaar Album Release Concert

Falu’s Bazaar album release concert and Holi celebration were organized in New York. Falu’s Bazaar debut children album is one of its kinds of teaching South Asian culture to children.

Beautiful singer Falu and her incredible band is a musical journey through South Asian culture and around the globe, celebrating instruments, languages, sites and humanity of the diverse world.

Falu shared that the album is especially for children because when one comes to the foreign country they want to make sure that their children learn the culture, language and more about where they belong to. It was also in response to her son’s Nishad’s inquisitiveness that she came out with this album.

The album talks about culture through a spirited presentation to today’s youth in three languages, English, Hindi and Gujarati. The program included a colourful Holi party, a festival of cultural significance in Indian families. It is a festive day to end and get oneself rid of past error, to end conflicts by meeting others.

Source: TV Asia Bureau