Recognizing LGBTQ Community in India

An effort to raise awareness, an effort to raise equality in India, a special event was organized in New York which united people to raise awareness for the LGBTQ community in India.

Lakshya Trust is a community based organization registered as a public charitable trust that has been the centre of excellence in the field of sexual health program for the communities since its inception in 2000. A special event was organized in New York to benefit this NGO back in India.

Josh Patel the organizer of the event shared about the challenges and inhibition presented by his social circle in accepting his sexual orientation. He was determined to help his brothers and sisters back in India even being in the foreign land.

The event was all about spreading message of equality in India and to raise awareness on LGBTQ community in India. It was an awareness oriented yet fun event celebrating efforts of India towards better future.

Source: TV Asia Bureau