Raksha’s Art Show, Atlanta

An art show was organized in Atlanta reflecting facets of womanhood. Various artists got a platform through Raksha’s Art show. The artwork presented woman’s struggle, hard work and the saga of woman’s life. Monica Sharma, Representing East India Art Co said that she was honored to be at the women’s empowerment art show since the struggles of women go unnoticed and not discussed.

Anjali shared that this was Raksha’s first art show; the inspiration of the art show has been their clients who are artists themselves. The art show was an attempt to celebrate International Women’s Day
through this art form.

Raksha is a nonprofit organization and the funds raised through the art show will be given to the artists. The Art show gave a wonderful opportunity to the community to showcase their talent. Indian culture was beautifully put on the canvas in the art show.

Source: TV Asia Bureau