Food Truck Festival, New York

Recently, Food Truck Festival was organized in New York, which gave an exciting opportunity to foodies to taste food from all around the world. One could see the diversity of food through this festival. Sarvanna Bhavan attracted most of the members during the festival. Parimal, Operations Manager, Sarvanna Bhavan shared that they have 72 branches in 22 countries all around the world. This was their first contribution to the food festival.

Along with different kinds of foods, varieties of pickles were also presented during the festival. Marc Seago, Executive Director, Grand Bazaar, shared that they are a weekly market, open on every Sunday all year round. Part of their mission is to keep New York creative and authentic by supporting independent dealers, small businesses, artists, designers. Food truck
the festival was organized to kick-off spring season.

The community came in large number to participate in the fest, wherein they were served delicious and fresh food. It was indeed a wonderfulfeast  for the community.

Source: TV Asia Bureau