Opioid Crisis, Pennsylvania

To address the issue of Opioid epidemic and crisis, thoughtful minds of Pennsylvania came together to host Town Hall discussions on Opioid crisis and community reception for Governor Tom Wolf. Every day in the United States more than thousand people are treated in the emergency department for not using prescription Opioid as directed and there is an increasing Opioid crisis and epidemic in America.

There was a Town Hall discussion with Governor Tom Wolf on the issue followed by community reception and dinner gala.         Dr. Sanjay Gupta shared that is a big crisis in America; the issue needs to be discussed. He shared that Indian community is also not immune to it. Indian kids are as prone to drugs and drinking as anybody else or actually more prone because of parental pressure as per Dr. Gupta. Governor Wolf and his administration are working hard to provide solutions to save lives and help addicted individuals.

Governor addressed Community’s queries through the event. He said the biggest misconception is that people look at it as a choice but it’s a disease, a medical condition. The event was supported by Jalsa events and was an important step toward spreading the awareness about the issue.

Source: TV Asia Bureau