Adventure Camp, North Carolina

With activities that were nature exciting, enjoyable and adventurous, Team Spirit organized a kids camp in Raleigh, North Carolina. The idea was to combine a welcoming exclusive atmosphere with unique camp adventure energy. In its 3 rd edition, the adventure camp for 6-10 years old was a huge hit among the kids. The purpose of Team Spirit is to develop the potential for children while getting them away from modern barricades of laptops, televisions and video games.

Radhika, Organizer shared that camps were started in 2013 with the age group 11-14, a two and a half day program away from the digital world. Morning in Nature was started as a half-day camp for younger kids between age group 6-10 which includes 3-mile hike and team games.

The idea is to focus on both personal development and team building while using the medium of outdoors. Running successfully for over 5 years now, Team Spirit believes that the spirit of adventure adds a vital component to the development of all people with the specific emphasis on youth development.

Source: TV Asia Bureau