AAHOA Convention Cultural Evening

Along with networking, AAHOA Convention promoted culture and music along with the folk singer Kirtidan Gadhvi. The excitement was to be seen amongst the participants. Kirtidan Gadhvi is an Indian singer who specializes in the versatility of singing. Kirtidan Gadhvi is a prominent name in the world of folk and has become a popular icon. His intimate knowledge of the facets of dayras, folk songs, and classical nuances has made his image unique in the world of singing.

The singer expressed his delight to be at the event. He was excited to sing for the audience who is away from their homeland. He has done his Master degree from Baroda Music College and has worked hard for 20 years to excel in the field. The singer expressed his gratitude to almighty for blessing him with the skills and talent.

Other singers also supported Kirtidan Gadhvi and AAHOA members were completely thrilled with the event. They sang and danced on the music of the singer.

Source: TV Asia Bureau