International Day of Yoga 2018

Art and culture wing of Indian Consulate New York organized the curtain raiser to mark International Day of Yoga 2018. The program included book talk and a special conversation.

The event included talk on holistic measures and cognitive disorders by Dr. Shuvendu Sen and a special conversation with Dr. Gary.

Dr. Gary spoke about Yoga in the west, he shared that mostly the idea is exercises and yoga aasanas. In fact the real origin of the word is union. Mind can settle down in a way and achieve union with basis of life that fundamentally unified field that exists at the basis of existence and also at the basis of thought, Dr. Gary shared.

Dr. Sen shared that more such interactions are required. It was a tremendous endeavor by the Consul General to bring forth the concepts of meditation and yoga and their implications on our wellbeing and healing. Drugs treat signs and symptoms but such profound holistic measures are required to heal the person from inside.

It was truly an insightful session for the community.  


Source: TV Asia Bureau

click here to watch video of this Event

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