Raag Rang Concert, San Francisco

Various compositional forms rooted in the raga tradition of India and choral harmony were performed at Raag Rang, a concert organized by India Community Centre and Shanti Choir. It was an evening for enticement for the community.

Shanti features a grand choral repertoire based on Indian ragas adorned with polyphonic support that created a totally different oral dimension.

A concert to the same effect was organized in San Francisco. Raag Rang was an attempt to encourage the art form. India ragas are timeless and are associated with moods, expressions, and times of the day and seasons of the year. Indian music is largely about individual self expression.

Raag Rang broke the cultural and musical boundaries as it explored the power of choral singing in the sphere of ragas. A powerful narrative took the viewers on journey through Indian art as more than 70 participants brought this vibrant music to the Bay area residents.


Source: TV Asia Bureau