96% Indian children worried about violence: UNICEF

A UNICEF survey has highlighted that 96 per cent of Indian children worry about violence against them while 51 per cent feel that it would personally affect them.

A sample size of 1,000 children were part of this survey that was unveiled here on Thursday.

Acts of terrorism, such as bombs exploding in public places and killing people, worries 95 per cent of the children surveyed.

Mistreatment or bullying was a major concern, with 94 per cent of children saying they were worried about it. As many as 52 per cent said they are worried about being personally affected by it.

Education, health and poverty were also big worries for them with 96 per cent children saying they worried about access to quality education, that is, having little or no access to schools.

An overwhelming majority -- 97 per cent -- worry about poverty (families with little or no money) and 94 per cent of them worry about access to quality healthcare, and more than half -- 54 per cent -- worry about it affecting them personally.

Children have faith in world leaders.

Faith in world leaders is high with 70 per cent saying they trust these leaders to make good decisions for children across the world.

For 91 per cent of Indian children, the world would be a better place if world leaders listened to children's voices.


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