Security situation in northeast best in recent years: DoNER

The current security situation in northeast India is the "best" in recent years, according to Naveen Verma, Secretary, DoNER.

He also lamented the fact that all northeastern states are clubbed together and have to share the blame when it comes to miltancy related disturbances.

"In terms of the security situation... it is among the best in recent years... incidences of violence is the lowest. It's a combined effort by the state government, central government and security forces. The people themselves desire," Verma said here at the India Today Conclave East.

He also drew attention to the growth of the northeast states.

"Four states are doing very well. Their per capita GSDP is higher than national average. The other four states are picking up. All eight states have growth rates as high as national average," he said.

"When you look at northeast you tend to club them together. When you say militancy... people say its very disturbed. Sikkim has not been disturbed. In Mizoram, the last disturbance was in 1986. Why should they share the blame." he said. 

"Thankfully, all states have become alright but then again its question of perception. All states have own potential and own challenges and that is being worked out," he said.

Underscoring the positive attitude in the region, Verma said local start-ups are slowly emerging in the northeast states.

"I find start-ups of local people and also by locals who have gone abroad and come back," he said.

"In the social media, I am aware there are a lot of Whatsapp groups among the youngsters and they openly express their concerns about extortions," he said in response to a query on huge funds pumped in northeast and the leakages as also the issue of insurgent groups which used to run extortion rackets.


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