Film industry a very powerful carrier of messages: Swara Bhasker

Actress Swara Bhasker says the film industry is a powerful carrier of messages, specifically when it comes to raising awareness about different social issues.

The "Nil Battey Sannata" actress was here to help raise awareness about autism in association with the school Autism Centre for Excellence at the launch of skincare brand Kiehl's India's new store at Ambience Mall here.

She says autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder which is a "rampant phenomenon", is considered a taboo subject in India.

Swara told IANS: "The film industry is a very powerful carrier of messages. Since the industry involves people who have a vast following, the individuals become tools to communicate varied messages to their fans.

"We as an industry try to make movies which help people understand the issues at hand. I'm so honoured to be that message carrier, spreading awareness about autism and negating any inhibitions that are associated with the same. I'm so glad that a powerful beauty name like Kiehl's is bringing light to the topic so people change their perception of autism."


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