Juhi happy with Maharashtra's move to ban plastic bags

 Actress Juhi Chawla is glad that the Maharashtra government is banning use of plastic bags from next year. The government plans to make Maharashtra plastic-free beginning May 2018.

The government is planning a ban on plastic bottles from early 2018 in government offices, educational institutions, and functions organized by the state before the ban is extended to private offices.

Juhi took part in the Cuffe Parade Residents Association (CPRA) organised 'Plastic Free Cuffe Parade' walk on Sunady. "I am happy that it has started and it should grow." 

"When I heard that the Maharashtra government and the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), has taken the decision that by next Gudi Padwa, all plastic bags will be banned, it made me very happy," said the former Miss India.

"I would never back a move without a good reasons. Most people will wonder, how it can be done, as this is so convenient. But this is important. 

"Thousands and millions of animals and birds die every day because of plastic, our water is getting polluted, so tomorrow, what will our children eat or drink?" added the Bollywood star. "So it's more harm than useful."

"In 2014, Supreme Court observed that if plastic bags are not banned or manufacturers didn't take the plastic bag and did something with it, the harmful effects would be so severe, it will be worse than an atom bomb," she said.

Juhi says that this is big issue. 

"Don't just think this is garbage as this is poisonous garbage, which has piled up so much in the environment that not just Maharashtra but the entire world is planning to do something about it. Recently Kenya banned the plastic bags throughout the country" added the actress.

Juhi also spoke about "Citizens of Tomorrow" and "Swachh Bharata initiative. 

"Join Citizens for Tomorrow' and together we will tackle this issue and make our country clean. And if Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said, Swachh Bharat, then we will do it," she told media.

Juhi's next film is with Vidhu Vinod Chopra production.


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