In Conversation with Sangeeta Agarwal, Founder of Helpsy App

Source: TV Asia Bureau
TV Asia recently spoke to the inspiring and renowned personality, Sangeeta Agarwal. She is the founder of Helpsy App. The main aim is to help everyone and live life to the fullest. During the interview, Sangeeta mentioned that Helpsy intends to improve the quality of life of people who are suffering from Cancer and other diseases and it provides over 30,000 evidence-based holistic remedies with access to over 10,000 community resources. 
Sangeeta has also reached out to the community through the Helpsy app that is free for the community as a part of her community service. 
Looking at the healthcare scenario in America, it is costliest than any other wealthy country. Since 2000 Americans have been spending a lot on the healthcare but haven’t been able to get the same results, Helpsy comes to rescue in such a scenario. 
Recently Sangeeta Agarwal was also attended Global Entrepreneur Summit 2017, accompanied by Prime Minister of India and many dignitary personalities in Hyderabad. At the summit, she empowered women and also spoke about the economic development of the country.
Sangeeta started her career as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, working for companies including IBM, Motorola/Google, and then developing first mobile video platform at a startup later acquired by Skype. While she achieved significant professional success, her health started to affect and limit the quality of her personal and professional life. In search of solutions to regain her full health, she began adopting, experimenting and learning various healthcare modalities. This led her needing more than taking medications and regular doctor visits but moving beyond to focus on all aspects of her physical and emotional health. That’s when the idea of Helpsy was born. 
The Helpsy app gives you the power of best healthcare treatment plans for your health condition from over thirty different healthcare domains - everything from medical national guidelines to yoga postures specific for your condition. 

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