Asia Program At Wilson Center

Source: TV Asia Bureau
The special event was held on 7th Dec’17 at 6th floor, Woodrow Wilson Center, DC comprising the conversation on US-India relationship. The Honorable Rich Verma, the U.S. ambassador to India from 2015 to 2017 and the first Indian-American to hold that position, knows the U.S.-India relationship up close and personal. Rich Varma provided his perspective on the opportunities and challenges involved in making the relationship between the world’s two largest democracies one of its strongest and most important partnerships. It certainly helps when the two nations share between them common values and a common vision of where they want to go together and what kinds of societies they wish to build even though the worlds’ two largest constitutional democracies are unique in their own way. As a result, the bonds in their partnership transcend persons, politics, and parties; they speak to a larger vision that drives the aspirations of both sides of populations.
Rich Varma mentioned that “A similar dynamic and transformation has taken place across India. His experience in India left him so heartened and positive about the two countries’ future together, and the collective vision they represent and are working to realize. Further encapsulating the gains and areas of emphasis are four major areas: A) an excavating of strategic and defense ties to improve a rules-based global order instead of solely based on counter-balancing the rise of China. B) Efforts to give equal importance to make Indo-US economic relationship match with the Strategic Relationship. C) Broadened the agenda and work together bilaterally and Internationally in ways that were never done before. D) Continue to keep the strong & renewed focus on the individual level - the student, the businessperson, the traveler, the auntie and uncle visiting relatives, the entrepreneur forging a new invention, or those on the margins needing a helping hand.
The Asia Program provides a forum in the nation's capital for enhancing the deeper understanding of, and policy debate about, Asia. It seeks to furnish an intellectual link between the world of ideas and the world of policy on issues relating to Asia and U.S. interests in Asia. The Program organizes dozens of conferences and other meetings and produces several major publications every year, each featuring the work of Asia specialists ranging from distinguished scholars and prominent policymakers to journalists, entrepreneurs, and grassroots activists. In addition, the Program organizes events and produces publications that address cross-regional and global comparative topics, including climate change, demographics, and energy security.

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