American Diversity Group (ADG) Annual Gala

Source: TV Asia Bureau

The Annual Grand Gala Celebration of American Diversity Group (ADG) was recently held in Washington, DC. Many dignitaries and luminaries along with community members participated in the event and made it successful. ADG handed over awards to significant contributors and members as a mark of appreciation and acknowledgment.

The attendees shared their experience of being part of the American Diversity Group and how it helped them enrich the community and provide services. The recipients of the Awards expressed gratitude to be bestowed with such an honor. Jayakanth Parekh, the co-founder of American Diversity Group (ADG) expressed happiness for the turnout and the participation.

American Diversity Group (ADG) is an organization that aims to provide healthcare related awareness and education to empower and enrich, the community. They serve, individuals and American families, as well, to lead healthy and enriched lives. 


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