Hindu Singles Event By Atlanta Hindu Vivah

Source: TV Asia Bureau

The Atlanta Hindu Vivah organized a Hindu Singles Event in Georgia, Atlanta. Many enthusiastic youngsters attended the meet to find a suitable partner. Each participant was assigned a seat, and they get to have a one-on-one conversation with the girl.

The meeting was a professional and courteous one with individuals discussing with each other and mingling around. To have an extra precautionary care the parents too were present around them without causing them any disturbance. The boys were seen attending in good number, but it was a challenge to get the girls to the meet, said a volunteer Latha, speaking to TV Asia. She added that things are improving and more and more girls are also coming out.

Atlanta Hindu Vivah arranges the meeting for singles four times a year. It helps facilitate the gathering of Hindu singles for the purpose of marriage. They are registering success slowly and are expecting the rate to grow further with each passing year. 

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