Rendezvous with Neelofer Chaudry, Exe. Director of DHF

Source: TV Asia Bureau

Neelofer Chaudry is the mental health therapist at Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF). She is persistent on ‘how to control’ is the main dynamic that keeps the major forms of abuse intact and un-interrupt the cycle of violence. There are 5 different major forms of violence – Physical, mental, Psychological, financial and sexual and these are pervasive and it’s entrenched in the patriarchal society and they make up the gender roles are so institutionalized and deeply rooted wherein women are relegated with certain role and sometimes they are intimidated and taught on how to behave in society and not voice their opinion, to up-keep the harmony, raising kids and maintaining the togetherness of the family by staying back home and not stepping up to speak anything instead remain quiet and endure. 

Neelofer Chaudry – DHF is an organization specifically designed to address the solution to gender-based violence, rather than lingering on the problem. the word ‘Harmony’ in Domestic Harmony Foundation, exemplifies the magnetic pull towards having this organization grow to the next level while immersing oneself further in service of advancing social justice. It is from a clear space of nothing, that one causes the transformation to soar – where healing, resilience, hope, and action replace fear, uncertainty, and despair. Commitment to conversations that shift the existing paradigm around how one deals with the many forms of domestic violence while taking active steps in the global movement to emancipate women and girls from oppression. It is her belief that transforming the idea of violence in our homes to eliminate the ‘stigma‘ and difficulty around bringing it to light, is a key element in achieving the safety and healing towards living the best version of ourselves possible, something we all desire as our fundamental human right. An opportunity to partner with the organization in a collective spirit to cause a shift in attitudes and perceptions, and to influence a new generation of change-makers creating a harmonious world based on equality and justice that we all envision.

The Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF) is a community-based, non-profit organization created in response to the social, emotional, and psychological needs of a growing South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim community in Long Island. Although DHF works mainly with Muslim women who are victims of domestic violence, these services are available to individuals irrespective of creed, culture, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. DHF is a community-based organization committed to promoting peace, safety, and harmony in families by providing support and guidance. DHF aims to fill the immense void in concrete services for South Asian, Middle Eastern and Muslim women and children who are seeking relief from domestic violence and other human rights violations. Domestic Harmony Foundation envisions healthy and strong communities free of gender-based violence. We strive to create a safe environment where every individual can thrive and lead a life free of abuse. 

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