Atlanta Ayyappa Community Pushpabhishekam

Source: TV Asia Bureau

Shri Satyanarayana Temple and the Ayyappa Community organized ‘Pushpabhishekam’ ceremony to Lord Ayyapa.  Devotees attended in large numbers and prayed to the glory of the Lord Ayyapa. They showered Ayyappa with a different type of flowers. It is the third year of the organization of the prayer in Atlanta by the temple community.

The temple of Sabarimala was replicated in Atlanta where the devotees offer prayers. It was conducted in a manner that reminiscent the activities in India. It is the highlight of the Mandalam season that begins in November coinciding with Indian start. More than seventy Swami’s are taking part in the ritual in 2017. A number of these Swami’s would be visiting Sabarimala in January.

Work is going on by the Ayyapa followers to get a temple of their own in Atlanta. As of now, they are happy with all the efforts and devotion put in by everyone to celebrate the ‘Pushpabhishekam.’ 


click here to watch video of this Event

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