Tri-valley Indian Medical Association Gala

Source: TV Asia Bureau

Tri-Valley Indian Medical Association (TVIMA) held an Annual Gala event recently, in The Westin Hotel, Los Angeles. Many dignitaries and community leaders made their presence felt in significant numbers. It was a revival event for the organization.

The highlight of the event was the participation of over two hundred esteemed medical experts and people from the health industry. Apart from that, there was a captivating cultural performance which included singing and dancing from special guests. The guests were absorbed by the proceedings and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Tri-Valley Indian Medical Association (TVIMA) is one of the oldest and vibrant organizations in the US. It was established in 1990. It was dead for the past few years. Dr. Subha Jain has taken over it now as active President, and she is hoping to revive TVIMA. The grand gala is the beginning of the rebuilding process. The huge attendance was a tremendously encouraging sign, for the new President. Dr. Indu Jain, Treasurer of TVIMA, speaking to TV Asia thanked everyone for participation and assured more events in future. 

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