Drutam Dance Ideas Lab’s Ta-La And Rhythm Aathmik

Source: TV Asia Bureau

A delightful dance event was organized by Sthree Production and Drutam Dance Idea Labs at CET Soto Theater in San Jose, California. The programme consisted of two different styles of dances, Ta-La, and RhythmAathmik. It was a stunning musical extravaganza that thrilled all the attendees.

The co-founders of Drutam Dance Idea Labs, Anusree Bonnerjee, and Nilesh Singha, performed the second part of the dance show called Ta-La. It was Indian Classical dance with a contemporary touch and message.

Drutam Dance Ideas Lab also trained another group involving Sthree Productions Workshop participants for the first dance section named as RhythmAathmik. It consisted of youngsters, and the dance was Indian fusion, a creative mix of Indian classical dances. The entire dance programmes were rehearsed and finished in one week.  The audience was stunned by the visual delight treated to them. 

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