Indian Business Association Christmas Party

Source: TV Asia Bureau

The celebrations were in the air as the Indian Business Association (IBA) decided to celebrate the Christmas through an event aptly named Christmas Spectacular. It was arranged at India Square, New Jersey. It was a fun-filled afternoon with Santa, Live Music, and presents.

The President of Indian Business Association (IBA), Dhiren Amin, and Vice-Chairman, Mahesh Shah were part of the celebrations. They were instrumental in getting the very busy Santa to the Christmas Spectacular according to the special guest, Mayor of Woodbridge Township, John McCormac. The mayor also expressed happiness for the way Christmas Spectacular was held and enjoyed together by the community.

Indian Business Association (IBA) is a non-profit organization established in 1991. For over twenty-six years IBA has been offering services for the Indo-American community in New Jersey. Its primary objective is to provide a forum for the community members to exchange ideas, discuss issues and encourage innovation. 

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