IACS Grand Christmas Celebration

Source: TV Asia Bureau

Indo American Cultural Society (IACS) held its twenty-sixth Annual Christmas Celebration at Royal Albert Park, New Jersey.  There was a massive participation of community members for the event. It had something entertaining for every age group that attended the event. More than six hundred people participated in the event which also included Senator from 12th Legislative District (New Jersey), Sam Thompson.

The Indian delicacies served at the event were a thing to savor for all the attendees. The Santa Claus who made a special appearance won everyone’s heart, especially Children as they were given gifts. There were also unique prizes to attendees, courtesy Raffle Draw. Pradeep Peter Kothari, President of Indo American Cultural Society Inc, speaking to TV Asia expressed happiness for the response from the community members. It was a fabulous night, he exclaimed and congratulated his team for putting up a grand show.

Indo American Cultural Society (IACS) is continuing the tradition of celebrating Christmas for twenty-seven years in a row. It is a charitable organization started with the aim to celebrate the richness of Indian cultural heritage in the US. It also helps in spreading awareness of the Indian culture. 

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