Christmas Celebrations - Council Of Kerala Churches

Source: TV Asia Bureau

The Ecumenical Council of Kerala Churches in Chicago held its annual Christmas celebration in Chicago. It was there thirty-forth Christmas celebration since its inception. The programme included carols and prayers from everyone attending the event.

The Chief Guest of the event was Archbishop Yeldho Mor Titus. He talked exclusively to TV Asia and spoke about the message of Christianity and share the word about God. He also spoke of the compassion of the God towards the marginalized.

The Christian community of Kerala is under various Churches like CSI, Jacobite, Marthoma, Roman Catholic and Orthodox. The Ecumenical Council of Kerala Churches is a congregation of those many Churches, in the US. It is a uniting place for all, and the first meeting happened in the year 1984 when different Christian denominations were brought together by various elders under the guidance of Cor-Episcopos Dr. Kuriakose Thottupuram.