TV Asia, FIA and Indian Consulate Host Community Outreach Program

Source: TV Asia Bureau

The Federation of Indian Association in collaboration with Indian American Community and TV Asia organized a Community Outreach Program at TV Asia Auditorium, New Jersey. It was an initiative to address the issues being faced by the Community.

The program began with the opening remarks of Mr. Ramesh Patel, Chairman, FIA followed by the remarks by Padma Shri HR Shah, CEO & Chairman, TV Asia. Padma Shri HR Shah emphasized that Outreach program reaches out to people from city to city and is serving close to 1.7 million people.  

This was followed by an interactive session with Mr. Sandeep Chakravorty, Consul General of India in New York. Ambassador Chakravorty highlighted issues faced by the Community along with stressing on Indian US relations. He said: “New York is considered to be capital of the world, Washington may be the capital of United States and we have close to 2 million members in the 10 states in which our consulate has the jurisdiction. This is India’s largest consulate and in terms of volume of work it is also high.” He shared: “At the basic level, we have 3 functions: counselor work, which is providing passport, visas and other services to Indian and Americans. Protocol services are also provided to Indian delegates who travel to the United States and then there are Community affairs i.e. reaching out to Community. Another important role is education, where students and faculties are outreached.” Mr. Chakravorty shared that Open-houses are organized every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month but the Consul is open 24*7 to help Community. He guided that people who live in the United States or have not lived in India for continuous 182 days don’t need Aadhar Card. He suggested that people who don’t have Aadhar Card can change the nature of accounts to NRE or NRI.  Mr. Chakravorty said: “The Indian US relationship is doing very well. There is real close personal chemistry between the leadership of the two countries.”

Vandana Sharma, Regional Manager of Air India appealed that when passengers travel out of the country, they should declare the currency they are carrying to avoid any trouble and carry only those things which are legally allowed. The program concluded to be a successful event that gave officials a chance to reach and help the Community.

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