USDA FSIS Food Safety Tips

Source: TV Asia Bureau

The United States Department of Agriculture-Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA FSIS) has issued few food safety tips as precautionary rules to be followed in the festive season. It would help the people avoid getting sick with unhealthy or unhygienic diet whether they are traveling or at home.

The first tip is to clean hands with soapy water for twenty seconds. Always serve food on clean plates and avoid reusing plates that previously held raw meat.

The second tip is to Separate raw and cooked foods so that one doesn’t cross contaminate.

The third tip is to cook using a food thermometer to make sure food reaches a safe minimum internal temperature. It helps in destroying food poisoning bacteria.

And finally, chill leftovers within two hours of cooking. Also, keep track of how long the food items have been sitting on the table and throw out anything that has been out longer than two hours. It is also essential to keep the hot food hot and cold foods cold. The former can be done by carrying them in insulated containers and the latter by taking ice or frozen gel packs.