Georgia Thrombosis Forum's Awareness Program

Source: TV Asia Bureau

Georgia Thrombosis Forum has dedicated its energies to spreading awareness about Thrombosis. Dr. Atul Laaddu, Founder, Georgia Thrombosis Forum shared that his grandson suffered from Pulmonary embolism and sailed through due to prompt medical attention, however, not everyone is that lucky. North American Thrombosis Forum treats patients with Thrombosis.

Sarang Pujari, Volunteer shared: “Number of deaths from Thrombosis is more than the deaths from breast cancer, AIDS, and accidents combined, every minute a blood clot is detected and every 6 minutes someone dies due to the blood clot.”

Samarth Mishra, Volunteer stressed that incident of Thrombosis ranged from 6-60% in Orthopedics studies in India.

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