American Association of Physician of Indian origin held its 35th Annual Convention


American Association of Physician of Indian (AAPI) origin held its 35 th Annual convention at Atlantic City. More than 1500 delegates across the nation attended the grand convention. AAPI represents nearly 1 lakh physicians and fellows of Indian origin in the US. AAPI provides the forum to its members to collectively work together and meet their diverse needs. AAPI organized the convention to celebrate the incredible journey and welcome the recently elected Committee members. Outgoing President and other team members were also felicitated for their leadership and immense contribution.

Naresh Parikh, President-Elect AAPI shared that their agenda is to increase the membership, change the bylaws of AAPI to make it work in coordination, outreach to India by the Global Health summit as well as increasing charitable clinics in India, currently they have 15 charitable clinics. CEO and Chairman of TV Asia Padma Shri HR Shah also graced the occasion along with other dignitaries. The major highlight of the event was the spiritual discourse by the renowned Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev. Famous Guru impressed the audience for over 70 minutes leading them to learn and practice simple ways of living healthy. The convention also included exciting vendor display featuring exclusive jewelry, elegant sarees and much more.