39th Annual Convention, Amritsar Medical & Dental Alumni Association of North America (AMDAANA)

The convention was organized to further its objective of developing a networking amongst alumni of government medical and dental colleges. The convention included yoga, healthy cooking lessons and vendor exhibits.

Satwant Singh, President, shared that organization was formed in 1979 with 37 families participating. They started with 120 charter members. Ajinder Singh, CME In charge, shared: “This is about a year’s work and for this year the credit goes to oncoming team Ribhudamanjeet Singh and Raveen Kaur.” Ripu Singh, VP and Amritsar Project Coordinator shared about the project. They focus on how to improve the education of the medical students, they are being provided with the scholarships,
seminars and lectures to enhance their understanding and hardware such as computers and Wi Fi access

Source: TV Asia Bureau