Manav Seva Mandir celebrated its 24th Anniversary, Illinos.

Held at the premises of the temple, the grand event gathered the devotees participating in the Hawan, fire tradition followed by devotional music and bhajans in the temple. Many offerings were made in terms of flowers and fruits, followed by the Aarti presentation with 1000s of devotees participating in thesame.

Pradip Patel, Chairman said, “Manav Seva Mandir is a community based temple, which is a unique thing because it is run by the community. It’s a 24 th Pathotsav celebrated every year.” Raju Chauhan, President said, “We have been preparing for this from many months to have this good open program. Whenever you will come to the temple, you will realize that we are doing everything we can to satisfy all the devotees.”

Source: TV Asia Bureau