New Year Eve’s Party, Illinois

It was time to bid farewell to 2017 and begun a next eventful year. The spectacular Eve party organized by Suga Builders and Payal Shah
at Ashton Place, Illinois gave community a chance to dance on some famous Bollywood beats and enjoy some electrifying music.
The celebrations offered every bit of entertainment to the attendees.

“I am super excited and have two big performances for Ashton Place”, said Scarlett Mellish Wilson, Model.

Community members also shared their interesting New Year resolutions. Jasbir Suga said, “We plan to make big houses and restaurants in 2018.”

Bhawna Modi shared, “I want to bring quality entertainment for all age groups and demographics.”

Payal Shah said, “My next thing is big valentine party that is my first resolution for 2018 and it will be the grand success.”

After the thrills of the holiday season, the memories of 2017 will be cherished forever.

Source: TV Asia Bureau