Moss promises drama in 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 2

 Los Angeles, Jan 16: Actress Elisabeth Moss says the second season of "The Handmaid's Tale" will offer "good drama" to the audience.

The dystopian drama, based on the famed 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood, tells the story of an alternative reality in which the US is rocked by civil war and women lose most of their civil rights in the Gilead state that takes over.

The season two will offer a deeper look at the social and political conflicts that led to Gilead's succession from the US. 

Moss' Offred character is a breeder who is forced to have sex with Gilead leaders in an effort to conceive at a time when most women have become infertile. Season one ends on a cliffhanger with Offred becoming pregnant and facing discipline for defying Gilead rules, reports

Talking about the show, Moss said: "So much of this season is about motherhood. We've talked a lot about the impending birth of the child that's growing inside of her as a bit of a ticking time bomb, The complications are really wonderful to explore. She does have the baby, but it gets taken away from her. She can't be its mother. It makes for good drama."

Marisa Tomei is one of the guest stars who will appear in the new season, said Bruce Miller, showrunner and executive producer.

Tomei will be in the second episode when the show starts to explore the idea of the colonies, although he would not give up any details about her character.

The first season of the show will premiere in India on February 5 on AXN.

Source: IANS

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