Tom Ford wants to do only original scripts

New Delhi, Jan 20: Fashion designer turned film director Tom Ford likes to be in control of everything, and says he only wants to work on original scripts.

"I don't like to not be in control. So, if it's controlled by somebody else and if I don't own the underlying material, I don't even want to read the script," Ford said in a statement. 

"It doesn't matter then how enticing it is as I don't want it. So I take it on me to develop it, to find the right thing," he added. 

After a long career in fashion, Ford made his debut as a director in 2009 with "A Single Man". He followed it up with his second feature in 2016 with "Nocturnal Animals", which will premiere in India on Sony Le PLEX HD on Sunday. 

Source: IANS

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