KJo explored singing talent in school

Mumbai, Jan 23: Filmmaker Karan Johar explored his singing talent for the first time for an activity in school, and says his mother asked him not "sing ever again".

Karan recounted the time when he sang "Jaane tu ya jaane na" during an episode of "India's Next Superstars", read a statement. 

"I explored this talent of mine in school. My mother expected me to take part in elocution or handwriting competition but I decided to go for the singing competition. When I got home at night, I saw my mother crying," Karan said in a statement. 

"That's when she told me 'Beta, do anything you like, but don't ever sing again'. And that was the end of my singing career," he added. 

The show is aired on Star Plus. 


Caste has no place when it comes to love: Rashi Mal

Actress Rashi Mal feels rejecting someone on the basis of their caste is wrong. She feels the issue should be addressed through cinema. 

"Rejecting someone on the basis of their caste, in your personal or professional life, is simply denying yourself the opportunity to find a person best suited for you or for the job," Rashi said in a statement. 

The actress became a part of an episode of "Love on the Run" which dealt with the issue of inter-caste marriage.

"Caste has no place when it comes to love or merit. This is a very important and relevant story especially in the wake of the recent Dalit protests. It is important that such stories be told because cinema/art is always the harbinger for change," she added. 

"It has the ability to make people think and influence the decisions they make in life."

The show is aired on MTV. 


Piyali Munsi had tough time playing alcoholic

Actress Piyali Munsi says essaying the role of an alcoholic in "Prithvi Vallabh" came as a challenge since she is a teetotaller in real life. 

She essay Jakkala, wife of King Tailap (played by Jitin Gulati) in "Prithvi Vallabh". 

"I took up the role as I found it challenging enough as I do not consume alcohol in real life. However, I have seen how drunk people behave in a certain manner. The emotions can be of many variations such as anger, sad, emotional, too much of bragging," Piyali said in a statement. 

As a prep for the role, she visited pubs.

"I decided to visit a few pubs before the shoot started. I have been to about 20 pubs where I only went and noticed how people behave during or after the consumption of alcohol. I must admit it really helped me during my performance which stunned the unit as well." 

"Prithvi Vallabh" is produced by Anirudh Pathak from Writers Galaxy Studio. It airs on Sony Entertainment Television. 

Source: IANS

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