Georgia Thrombosis Forum, Atlanta

Georgia Thrombosis Forum has dedicated its energies to spread awareness about Thrombosis. GTF team shared insights on Thrombosis in length, pregnancy and VTE, physical therapy and VTE, athletes and thrombosis in particular. Thrombosis is a deadly medical condition that results from formation of blood clots.

Dr. Atul Laaddu, Founder, Georgia Thrombosis Forum gave opportunity to young high school kids to research upon Thrombosis.

Vishnu shared his research on Pregnancy and VTE. He said, “It is determined that VTE in pregnant population is very high. 1 of every 1000 pregnant women is affected by VTE every single year. Physical activity plays prominent role in management of Thrombosis.

Rajat shared his insights on physical therapy and its significance in managing pulmonary embolism. Veeraj shared that athletes are at higher risk of developing Thrombosis since they have additional risk factors such as dehydration and lower resting heart rate.

Source: TV Asia Bureau