Diwali Lunch at Riverside Hospital, Ohio

Doctors enjoyed great India food hosted by Bipin Shah, MD, FRCS on the occasion of Diwali. Ohio is known for celebrating its diversity. Shah shared, “Idea of lunch serves the diversity in which our current President Jebson is also interested. All people enjoy the Indian lunch served here.”

Brian Jepson, President, Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital said, “It has been a great event which has happened for 8 years, I have been part of it for 5. It’s been truly a pleasure to see the excitement form entire medical staff to support something that is important to your (Indian) culture and for many Physicians of Indian descent. Ohio Health takes diversity and inclusion very seriously.”

It was the 8th year in a row for Diwali lunch which has become a tradition in the hospital and doctors seemed to have a great time.

Source: TV Asia Bureau

click here to watch video of this Event

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