Infinity through a Key Hole by Dinesh Kashikar

Art of living, Atlanta centre organized an illuminating talk called Infinity through a Key Hole with Dinesh Kashikar, an internationally
a renowned teacher of yoga and meditation.

Dinesh Kashikar shared, “A keyhole is a small hole but through it, you can see a vast expanse behind. Our lives are like keyholes, we have a
finite body, our lives revolve around finite thoughts and everything but when you get close to self, you can see infinity behind it.”

Dinesh Kashikar is an alumnus of IIT Mumbai. In 1998, right after graduating when his peers were deciding which multinational
cooperation to work for, he decided to pursue a very different path. He became a Vedic scholar and a yoga teacher. Organizers and volunteers were truly delighted to hear words of wisdom from Kashi ji.


Source: TV Asia Bureau

click here to watch video of this Event

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