Beauty Pageant, New Jersey

The pageant brought together many stylish and elegant participants from different parts of the world. In September 2017, New Jersey’s very own beauty pageant was organized by Shobhana Patel at Royal Albert’s Palace.

The beauty pageant had 3 winners and in conversation with TV ASIA, contestants shared their experiences. Swapna Mannam was announced as Miss Teen India New Jersey. Swapna shared that her experience was very educational; she learned it was not only about the beauty pageant, it was about sisterhood. It’s not what happens on-stage but what happens at the backstage. She also encouraged youngsters to participate in the pageant.
Ananya Kattimani won Miss India New Jersey beauty pageant. She shared that she has been participating in the beauty pageants. Kattimani appreciated the organizers and encouraged them to keep what they are doing.

Juhi Mehta Desai was crowned as Mrs India New Jersey. Desai said being a reader and a science student helped her sail through the contest and encouraged everyone out there to keep on brushing their knowledge and never stop dreaming and never stop believing.

Source: TV Asia Bureau

click here to watch video of this Event

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