Santhigram Celebrated 10 th Anniversary

Santhigram Kerala an ayurvedic company USA, a leading provider of authentic Kerala specific ayurvedic therapies in the United States having its presence in 12 locations at the United States hosted a splendid celebration to mark its 10th anniversary at Edison, New Jersey.

The theme of the celebration was celebrating the spirit of life and good health. The impressive celebration highlighted the growing influence of Ayurveda in the US and incredible journey of Santhigram. The massive affair launched 3 new projects of the foundation. Dr Gopinathan Nair, CEO, Santhigram Wellness Kerala Ayurveda shared, “We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in the United States, we had come to this country in 2007 and the first centre was inaugurated in November 2007.” He also shared that the customers have benefited from their products and more people are coming forward to avail Kerala specific ayurvedic treatment.

Dr Ambika said, “We are doing all panchakarma therapies, whatever we practice in Kerala, so in nutshell, we can say we have brought Kerala in the United States,” Many notable identities and distinguished community leader including CEO and Chairman of TV Asia, Padma Shri HR Shah graced the occasion.

New Jersey state senator Vin Gopal presented a joint resolution of the New Jersey’s senate and assembly honouring Santhigram to Dr Gopinathan Nair.

Deepak Parashar, Actor also congratulated Santhigram for 10 years of good health they have been providing to the citizens. Other dignitaries present also congratulated the founders for their incredible journey. The extravaganza also presented spectacular cultural program which left all the attendees awestruck. The event also felicitated all the individuals for their outstanding contributions in establishing the business in the United States.

Source: TV Asia Bureau

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