Exploring new genre with 'Meri Hanikarak...': Karan

TV actor Karan Suchak, who has been roped in to play the lead in "Meri Hanikarak Biwi", says he is exploring a new genre with the upcoming show.

"'With Meri Hanikarak Biwi', I'm exploring a completely new genre since in the past, I did mythological and historical shows," Karan said in a statement.

The story of "Meri Hanikarak Biwi", which will air on &TV, will revolve around Akhilesh, a simple boy from Varanasi, and Ira, a doctor from Mumbai. 

The show will put forth a concept of vasectomy in front of the viewers but in a light-hearted way.

Talking about his character, he said: "I'm working on the finer nuances of getting into the character of Akhilesh. My character is a simple, innocent and honest boy from Varanasi. He has unwavering devotion and respect for his parents, and their word is his command."

"Although, the character is endowed with a sculpted physique, he is equally shy and timid."

The female lead will be played by actress Jia Shankar.

"I will be seen playing the role of Dr. Ira, who is tough, practical, intelligent but has a kind heart at the same time. I am all set to imbibe myself into this character and essay the role," she said. 


Photo Credit: Karan Suchak Facebook page. 

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