Anirudh to unveil mobile-friendly indie Hindi song

Singer-composer Anirudh Ravichander is excited about releasing "Bewajah" -- his first independent song in Hindi. Its video was shot in a vertical format, which is mobile-friendly.

A vertical video is intended for viewing in portrait mode.

"We wanted to try something new. It is my first independent song in Hindi. The director who is part of (filmmaker) Imtiaz Ali's team... Satish Raj is directing a music video for the first time," Anirudh told IANS over phone from Chennai.

"The idea was to make something that hasn't been seen before. Vertical is the in thing right now. Snaptchat has it, and everyone watches songs and videos on their phone. So we thought of trying something new. We just hope it works out," he added.

Sung, written and composed by Anirudh himself, "Bewajah" is a new-age love ballad, which will release on November 11.

"The release date 11.11 goes with the format too," he said.

Sharing the story behind the song, he expressed: "I wanted it to be a love song for sure because that's what everyone loves listening to. It's an evergreen genre. But I wanted the music to be created little differently. I wanted it to have a little pop and EDM type of an arrangement." 

"It's a love ballad between a guy and a girl who are missing each other. The video is also quirky. It's like all of us come out of posters like stop motion. You think it's a poster, but there are characters moving. There is a bit of retro theme as well," he added.

He shot to fame with the single "Why this kolaveri di" featuring actor Dhanush in 2012. Since then he has been making music that borrows largely from electronic and R&B, and has an ability of seamlessly amalgamating earthy Indian elements to his compositions.

Is he feeling the pressure to excel again?

"There is no pressure whatsoever. You never know what goes viral or what goes on top of the charts. That time ('Why this...') was about love failure. 'Bewajah' is a love ballad. I just enjoy making music and I am very happy. Hindi is something that I have been looking forward to do," said the talent, who has composed music for Tamil films like "Vivegam", "Kaththi" and "Vedalam".

What's next? A Bollywood film?

"Kollywood and Tollywood are happening right now. I will take it one at a time. I am happy making whatever I am doing. If this ('Bewajah') does well and doors open up, then let's see," he said.

How important is it to experiment with new elements in music?

"I think from '...kolaveri' onwards, I've always looked out for something unique and related to social media because that's what made me who I am today. And that's why the vertical video concept appealed to us. The basic thing is you don't have to rotate your phone to watch it," he said.

He is also planning to go on a multi-city tour to promote the song.

"Yes, that's the plan. So, it will be fun," said the composer, who is in his 20s.


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