Outrage without watching film is ignorance: Hansal Mehta

 Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has come out in support of Sanjay Leela Bhansalis film "Padmavati", saying those expressing outrage without watching it are ignorant.

"It's important to question and debate but it should be a healthy debate. Those so-called torchbearers of Indian culture actually have no idea about Indian culture and history. It is driven by understanding, not by this kind of ignorance," Mehta told IANS here on Tuesday while promoting his upcoming web series "Bose: Dead/Alive".

"People should watch before speaking against a project. Even with ‘Padmavati', the people who are protesting, have they watched the film? I am willing to talk to those who have watched the film.... If they are outraged without watching the film, then it is ignorance," he added.

Mehta had himself courted controversy during the release of his 2016 film "Aligarh", which was based on the real life story of a professor.

Now with his new project "Bose: Dead/Alive", Mehta is exploring the journey of freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose from being an introvert to a brave nationalist. 

Mehta said he will pity those who will feel offended by "Bose: Dead/Alive".

"I am very happy with how this web series has shaped up. As a narrative drama, we have never seen anything of this scale before. If there is any outrage over this, then I will feel pity for those who are outraged," he said.

The ALTBalaji show, which will feature Rajkummar Rao in the title role, has been directed by Pulkit.


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