Every film is commercial: Sanjay Mishra

Actor Sanjay Mishra, who has acted in movies like "Ankhon Dekhi" and "Golmaal Again", says all the films that are made are commercial as money goes into making them.

"Every film is commercial. Filmmaking is not about writing a love letter. Some money goes into it. In some, it's a lot and others, it's less. But movies are not made only with money," he told reporters here on Friday.

"Movies are made from the heart. Big films also meet with failure. If there's no heart in the film, then it won't work," added the actor, who will be next seen in "Kadvi Hawa".

Talking about the film, he said: "I feel fortunate to be associated with this kind of cinema. This is India's first film on climate change. It is 'Make in India' that we have made. That's why it is an important film. In our education system or politics, the least importance is given to climate."

"I have coined a term 'former farmer'. Every farmer is becoming former because his entire business is dependent on nature and nature is dependent on us. Be it Ghaziabad, Patna or Hyderabad, all the cities look the same - cemented."

He does his bit to save the planet by planting saplings and taking care of them.

As far as the film goes, it has already received a Special Mention at the National Film Awards.

And Sanjay's co-star Ranvir Shorey is positive about its success despite the box office clash with Kapil Sharma's "Firangi".

Asked about being worried about the clash, Ranvir said in one line: "Not worried at all."

To which, Sanjay added: "It's like vegetarian and non-vegetarian. People will go according to their preference."

The film's director Nila Madhab Panda also believes "Kadvi Hawa" will do well.

"It's a Rs 4 crore film. The number of screens that we are targeting is 300. This is the time when people are looking for this kind of content. So we are confident (about the film's success)," the director told IANS.

But he isn't entirely happy.

"It's a sad moment for all of us. It's the time when schools are closed and we are talking about pollution. It's not like we want to ride on that," said Panda.

"But nobody talks about environment. It's just that when the Environment Day comes, people take few pictures and upload on Facebook. This film will open your eyes.

"It will show that anything can happen anywhere. Be it Mumbai floods or Orissa cyclone, we are all suffering from it," he added.


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