Khadi not just cloth, but a movement: Neeta Lulla

Ace designer Neeta Lulla, who is using Khadi for the film "Manikarnika", believes the handspun fabric is a movement that should be taken forward as a campaign idea.

Lulla, along with designers Ritu Beri and Nachiket Barve, hosted a Khadi Designer Conference at the World Trade Centre here on Thursday.

The event, which was based on how fashion designers need to make Khadi fashionable globally and ensure some proceeds go back to the artisans and weavers as part of the value chain, was represented by several brands.

"Today, handloom is the latest fashion, and wearing handloom is the most popular trend. There has never been dearth of handlooms in India, and after years of continued efforts by the government, handloom is gradually becoming a crucial element in fashion. Khadi is not just a cloth, but a movement that should be taken forward as a campaign idea," Lulla said in a statement.

With the belief that Khadi needs to be "aspirational and repackaged", Barve said: "The fabric needs to be bought out of desire and not a conscience of giving back to the villages. Activate educational institutes to promote Khadi with millennials."


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