Raja Krishna Menon keen to work with Ranbir, but hasn't signed him

Film director Raja Krishna Menon finds Ranbir Kapoor to be an "interesting actor", but says he hasn't signed him or anyone yet for his next thriller drama.

Rumours were rife that Menon has approached Ranbir for his next film.

Asked about it, Menon told IANS: "I have not signed Ranbir, neither have I even met him. Yes, we were supposed to meet for a coffee. I think he is a wonderful actor. But anyway, that did not happen because we both got busy. The rest is all speculation."

Is he considering Ranbir for the script?

Menon said: "Well, so far, I have not considered anyone. I just finished writing the script a few days ago. However, I would love to work with Ranbir because he is an interesting actor. But both should mutually find the right script for that."

His last release "Chef", the Indian remake of the eponymous American film, received positive reviews but it did not reflect at the box office.

"You know, it is interesting how the film is doing so well on the digital platform now. I think we failed to target our potential audience. The story of the film was different; it was a journey and relationship between father and son. I am glad for all the appreciation that it has received," Menon said.

Before "Chef", Menon had made "Airlift" on a real life incident of evacuation of Indians from Kuwait.

"I think working on real life incidents has more responsibility, whereas fictional story has creative challenges as it comes from imagination and does not exist in reality," he said.

So, is his upcoming project an amalgamation of both?

"I am honestly speaking, I get confused by genre these days. Yes, it is a fictional story, it has elements of drama and thriller both. So, we can call it a thriller drama."


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